Monday, March 23, 2015

UPDATED: Got Bullies? A Tear Jerker My Middle Schooler Shared (Plus a Whitney Cover Done to Perfection)

“Hooded Person” by Ambro via

My thirteen year old is daughter is mega into music and singing. She loves it and she does it.
So hanging out the other night as a family, my middle child pulled this video up on the internet.
Okay, so we noticed she was crying first…and then we asked what she was watching.
Apparently she was so touched by this performer and his story, and it evoked some emotions.
(An UPDATE to this post-the song and story she was listening to on Anti-Bullying
is at time point 23:50 on the video) 

Sometimes kids will turn negative situations into positive fuel to create a message…
This is one of the better outcomes.

 The rest of the singers are also quite talented, if you have time, check them out!
This young girl nails Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ perfectly.
The lady with the daisy? That’s what I’m like every time I hear my angel sing. 
And that will be me again this Thursday...

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