Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Should You Do To Commemorate September 11th?

On the 13th anniversary of such a horrific event - one that we aren't supposed to forget- 

What do you do?

A number of these could be considered expected, helpful or right… but I think that there is only one thing which could help our minds when we are experiencing ill feelings over the anniversary of a major terrorist attack on our nation - a nation known for freedom and growth...

How about just sit for five minutes in a moment of silence? 

You could pray. And if you don't believe in any type of higher up, write a note, write a letter or just outwardly be thankful for what you have- ask the universe to deliver our world to a better place.

This event was seen as insurmountable, and while we have recovered some, we surely have not forgotten. It's just hard to determine what should be remembered...and what should be done.

Last night's Presidential Address was not good…but maybe that depends upon who you ask...
Regardless, we are a hurting nation and we're in tough times with so much illness, war and suffering- we need some major pull in a more positive direction…the question is how?

Reality is, we cannot as individuals take it all in, and in one day change the world.
But together, and over time, we can certainly make an effort.

So for now, take a moment of silence, praise your children, and praise living.
Because it's the most immediate, most healthy thing you can do for yourself and your family today.

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