Friday, February 14, 2014

What I Tell My Kids About Dating Young...

When you clicked on Puppy Love, it told a story from a child's perspective at a school event -
 asking a girl on a date…
At the very end of the true love story, you may have heard another young middle schooler tell the listeners his thoughts on dating in middle school-
It's what I tell my kids all the time about childhood dating…
This isn't the relationship that's going to last forever… 
He goes on to remind's just middle school.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Oh! And kiss those who love you- every day- for who you are- and for what you are about-
and who do all they can to make your world a better place, but never ever ask for anything in return. 
That's TRUE LOVE and those people are your real Valentines. Give them the love they deserve.

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