Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Decorating Results!

We started with a pumpkin as big as we could carry (his was a 19 pounder- he was proud)

We collected our tools: a drill, spoons, newspaper, pots for collecting seeds, knives, paint/brushes

Then, began the hard work ('yucky work'-some would say)

Then, we got to work on our designs....

 And, voila! 
Some really awesome pumpkins!


  1. The pumpkins look great! I can't believe he was able to carry a 19-pounder!

  2. Thanks! They know the rule is that they have to be able to carry it to the car! (Three of them and one of me? I had to make it easier on myself lol) So, he got the biggest one he could carry as usual. We stopped and took a couple of breaks, but he did it! :)


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