Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kenan, Krabbe Disease and How You Can Help

There are 7,000 Rare Diseases. 

1 in 10 people are affected. 

50% of those are children. 

30% of those children won't make it to the age of five. 

The number of children who will have Krabbe Disease: 

1 in 150,000
Tamsen and Kenan (in his earlier stages of Krabbe Disease)
If you've been following us this far, you realize that Kenan's long-term prognosis 
is not a long, or easy, life.

So how can you help?

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Donate to the family via check:
Make check payable to:
Natasha Spencer:

Mail to:Kisses For Kenan

318 Half Day Road, #280
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6547

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Raise Awareness

Thank you for your heartfelt dedication to our month long focus on Kenan and Krabbe Disease


  1. Thank you so much Amber for getting this information out there!! I know that Natasha and
    Dann appreciate do we.. some of the other members of Kenan's family....

  2. Anything to help. Not a day that goes by I don’t think about you and your precious family<3


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