Monday, August 13, 2012

A FOLLOW UP: To the News-Herald Home School Discussion Panel

 To all who came out and expressed an interest in the News-Herald 
Home School Discussion and their own child's education last night!

We enjoyed your company, questions and feedback, and hope you left 
more knowledgeable, confident and clear about home schooling.

Your child's education is important.
Whether or not you send them to public or private school, home school with a curriculum or unschool, 'homeschooling' is still a life long value they will be bringing with them everywhere they go.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.
And don't forget to visit the News-Herald's Education Blog often for information and related links.

For now, here are a few Homeschool Blogs 
you might want to check out:

Happy Schooling!


  1. That was a great program last night. So many questions and so much great information! Thanks for giving your time. I am a book reader so will definitely love to know what books you like and recommend to help with planning and attitude!

  2. A question, do any of the organizations in town grant discounts to homeschool parents, ie zoo, YMCA, museums, bowling alleys, theatre? thanks, joanne lyons

  3. We had a great group of people and I am so glad that you enjoyed the meeting and were able to stay for a bit afterwards. It was a pleasure getting to know your teaching technique and outlook on childhood education and parenting. You and I share many of the same views. So nice to have you and I know that the panel looks forward to servicing the community again! I will do my best to support both avenues of education and list resources I have used while homeschooling and what we do currently. I will also post updates of the parenting book I am working on! Thanks for stopping by!!! And, I hope you share your comments again Joanne!

  4. Joanne, check out this link: to the Y. They have a course pamphlet and schedule for homeschool enrichment classes. (This is the lake county Y.) If you need a different county, go to this link: and look for your county or google your county and the YMCA. Each one of the activities/venues you mentioned usually do have special programs (not all special price them-it depends on the establishment). According to their website, on Mondays, the Zoo (not including The RainForest) is FREE for residents of Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, if Monday is an observed holiday, free Zoo admission does not apply. Check it out: If you have AAA take advantage of that as well (the zoo honors that). IF you have not been to the museum of natural history, you really need to check it out; rich in information and education. A few other favorite places we have are the Holden Arboretum-(minimal fee), The Rockefeller Gardens (FREE!!) and the Cleveland Museum of Art (ALSO FREE! ~You just pay for parking which is in a nice parking garage and isn't expensive)..Art is very therapeutic and is a TERRIFIC EDUCATOR ON ALL LEVELS! Have Fun on your field trips!!!


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