Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Would You Rather?

My kids like to play a game called ‘Would You Rather?’.

I’ve always liked getting in on the fun because they usually freak out when it’s my turn to ask, ‘Would you rather?’.

I will ask, ‘Would you rather…have to go to school for 365 days a year, or go without television forever?’ 
Or when I say, ‘Would you rather eat broccoli at every meal, or spinach?’.

It’s fun to watch them squirm.

Now here is one for parent’s.

School shopping is finally coming to a halt (thank goodness) and there are a few items on the market that I want you to see (if you haven’t already gasped at them yourself).

They are:
JCPenney’s (recently controversial) Shirt for Girls:

And the 'Eye Candy' (yes, it says Eye Candy on it-actually ALL over it) notebook that I hear no one talking about and which is selling at Walmart:

So, hear it goes….

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Antie….etc…..

'Would you rather' have your teen (or younger) daughter wear the ‘too pretty for math’ shirt?

'Would you rather' have her carry the 'Eye Candy' notebook (which I do not have a picture of at the moment)?

Are ya squirming yet?

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  1. the only 'eye candy' stuff i can find online is a line of notebooks, covered in dots or stripes, and its very similar to the 'hot chocolate' ones she has... so unless i am not finding what you are talking about, i'd rather her carry a notebook ( that will be in her backpack or with her other books, than wear a t-shirt that basically proclaims shes a pretty piece of fluff.... (need a pic,tho..)


  2. I looked everywhere online and could not find it prior to this post. (Really should of snapped a picture of it at the store but I thought of writing about it after I left the store.) It was a spiral bound, pink/black and had graffiti style writing all over the front. Hope that helps. Thanks for sharing your opinion Shari:)


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