Friday, March 25, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Doh! Did I just say that!?

No family blog would be complete without a post such as this one.

Our children have intelligent minds, but when they're little, their minds only know the context of the simplest things sometimes, and as they watch and listen to grownups its funny to hear what they see and think.

Here are 3 statements I’d like to share with you I can remember my children saying which made me L.O.L.:

When my middle child was about 3 ½ years old we were returning from a long day of errands etc., and I said, ‘Oh, boy…Mommy’s pooped’.

Her Response: ‘Oh mommy, you should’ve gone before we left.’

My  6 year old son, just recently at the Lake Metropark Farmpark, while viewing the baby pigs suckle milk from their mother said: ‘Ew that’s gross!’ 

My response: ‘Well that’s how the mommy feeds her babies; Honey, you used to do that too. 

My sons’ reply: ‘Ew! I didn’t know THAT!!!! …Was I a pig then too

(Maybe I should have clarified.)

When my teen daughter was about 4 ½ years old we were at a company picnic. She saw her daddy come down a set of stairs and said out loud next to a bunch of strangers sitting next to us:

‘Oh, isn’t he handsome!?!’

As you and I both know - we can’t make this stuff up….

So feel free to share the funniest thing you’ve ever heard your child say.

Happy Friday!



  1. Avery, my youngest said yesterday, "Momma, that girl is black!" Oh my goodness! I was mortified, what do I respond? We were in our local drugstore, somewhere we go all the time. My first response was something like this, "Sigh, Avery, shhhh, you don't say things like that." Then, I paused and thought...."What is so wrong with her saying that?" Really, I think it is society that has everyone so scared of their own shadow. I then replied, "Yes, she is black, God made her a different color than you and I." Then, I that wrong of me to say? Different, what makes us different? How do you explain differences of skin color to a 3 year old without the dreaded "WHY" question and the other person not getting offended. Maybe she may not think like me. The lady was very nice and seemed to take what I was saying non-offensive. She was laughing and kept saying "it's ok," with my apologies. I shared with Avery that God did not make everybody the same color because he wanted us all to have our own look. She seemed o.k. with what I was saying, but when is too much? I know I said a few other statements to try and get out of this awkward situation and I kept saying to myself, "That's enough, LISA!" After, we strolled off and Avery felt like it was important to tell the lady bye several times.

  2. That is such a wonderful story.Kids don't find timing very important when asking 'why?'. You are 100% right when you say - when is enough enough? When is it okay to say certain things (since they are what they are) without insulting someone. We are often fearful of offending and coming across rudely. You obviously did very well since the woman was kind to you and your daughter:) Avery got a wonderful opportunity to learn about differences and also about kindness (because the woman showed it, and so did you).


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