Friday, September 15, 2017

FUN FRIDAY: Parents Should Have Fun Too

Last weekend (which holy cow I cannot believe I'm saying already) I went on a little trip. I do this at least once a year; 50% of the time it's for business and 50% of the time it's for pleasure. Sometimes both.

The best part of the trip (even though I was sick this time) was having a little R&R. I don't get that very often (some might say 'never-ever').

At one point over the weekend I found myself drawn to the lapping waves of the lake's edge. It wasn't long before I rolled up my pant legs and walked down to wade in the water.

It certainly wasn't my norm (at least not if away from home- this is actually my KIDS' thing). I mean I don't have time to have fun, never mind walk around leisurely in the water. 

But last weekend I found myself there, doing just that, and eagerly anticipating every cool wave that came rolling in. It totally reminded me of my previous home (N.E.).

Only a short drive from the ocean, I knew I could always find peace (ANNND quiet) at many a waterfronts. Even with the babes:)

It brought me back. Back to a time of wonderful (and bad) memories. That's because of course my main reason for heading to the ocean was always to find peace and escape my at home misery and heartache.

I have always found myself thankful those rolling waves and saltwater beaches were there, strong for me. This time I also felt blessed that I am no longer there for that reason.

This time, it was for fun and a little relaxation. 

It happened that this week though became a bit stressful upon my return and I was both surprised and blessed to get a video message from a was of our beaches back home...for what she called 'Beach Therapy'. 

How did she know?

Because she's cool like that💛.

Here is to YOUR weekend and Fun Friday. Go find your happy place and when you get there, with your kids or your dog, or alone, roll up your pant legs and have a blast! 



Monday, September 11, 2017

September's Column - Give a Teen a Kudos Rather than the Finger

If you want better out of youR teen, or anyone else’s for that matter, read my September County Kids article, keeping  in mind the potential difference we could make by being positive over negative when talking to teens.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

TBT! B2SCHOOL PREP! (Column Related)

Rainy days are good for writing (and reading).
3 years ago my two little ones found themselves reminiscing in the library with books they read when they were little.  Top of the list? The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. When she was a little girl I thought she’d never read…but after hundreds, probably thousands of books, she decided she’d learn to read this one. I can’t believe she will be a junior this year and he in 8th grade. Time flies when you’re having fun!
It seems hard to believe that even my home computer screen saver is outdated when I look at the little angelic faces I’ve been raising pop up on there. I think about the most special times with each of them (the importance of one on one dates with the kids). I think about what they used to say and do. I think about how I sometimes wondered as a single mom how we would get through. 

We always did.

Today I’ve decided to do Throw Back Thursday and share my August News Herald Ohio County Kids Column (page 5).

"Goodnight Gorilla"
If you're looking for one of the best pieces of parenting advice and/or time investment, I’d have to say hands down it’s reading to (and with) your kids. 

I've done it since my nearly 20 year old was an infant. She can’t travel without a book and doesn’t go a day without opening one. Reading is the one thing you can do to cover so many things with your kids. One on one personal time. Teaching one of the most important skills needed to succeed in life. An insight into yourself via playing the character in a book and/or sharing your favorite stories. Equipping your child with something which they will use forever and the time and attention which comes along with stopping the rat race, chaos and digital lives we live in.

Please read the column and search other similar topics on this blog. Join me this weekend for a much desired and celebrated digital sabbatical as we go on our annual camping trip (where there are no phones which get reception, no wifi for the computers and definitely no races…just lazy happy days).

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